Did a snow plow crash into your car during the Boxing Day Blizzard of 2010? The city probably has a check for you. The city has paid out $729,677 to people whose homes, cars or bodies were damaged by city crews responding to the snow, and that's for just 297 of the 842 claims! "The number of claims resulting from the December blizzard is among the highest associated with one weather-related occurrence in recent memory," said Comptroller John Liu spokesman Michael Loughran. What's that about snow on Friday?

The claims had to be in by this week to meet the 90-day post-storm deadline, and though most involve damage to property, 65 claim personal injury. A few claim family members died because ambulances couldn't reach them through the snow. The Sanitation Department was budgeted $38.9 million for snow cleanup at the beginning of the winter, but so far has spent $115.5 million. How about next year everyone invests in pickle juice?