2005_05_slashing.jpg- In the early hours of this morning, two people were slashed in Washington Heights in separate incidents. During a ten minute span, a City College senior and then a livery cab driver were attacked by a young man. The student, Yelyselev Valerio, didn't see the attacker on 189th and Audobon, but did hear his "war scream" at 2:30AM; Vaerio ran across the street to another building, but the attacker caught up with her, leaving an 8" wound. Driver Agapito Frias said the attacker suddenly punched him; Agapito needed 58 stitches to close up his wound.

- The Queens man arrested for trying to buy a grenades from undercover cops, and whose apartment was later discovered to have a an Uzi and hundreds of rounds of ammo, claims he was set up. Joshua Hedvat's lawyer says the ammunition and machine gun were a houseguest's. Oh, that ol' defense trick, "Yeah, I was buying grenades, but the machine gun - not mine!"

- The girlfriend of the Bed-Stuy tenant shot by their cop landlord is suing the landlord and the city for $25 million. Orealee Henderson claims Byron Hearst's death was caused by "negligence, recklessness and carelessness" and that Lieutenant Shamik Walton was "unfit to serve." Walton's side of the story is, after discussing the rent Hearst owed, Hearst threatened and slapped him, and later reached for the gun. The police are still investigating.

- And the family of the man who was murdered by his married girlfriend's husband in the West 18th Street 1/9 subway station is suing the Transit Authority for $10 million. They claim that the police and EMT were delayed because they didn't have Metrocards to get them through the unmanned entrance, but officials say they were delayed by seconds. The Transit Authority has since issued Metrocards to all NYPD, FDNY and paramedic units.

Photograph of slashing victim Valerio from Newsday