Earlier this year, Mayor de Blasio announced his ambitious plan to cut the city's greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by the year 2050. Today, the Times reported on some of the nitty-gritty of the mayor's proposal, which includes putting solar roofs on schools and retrofitting buildings to make them more energy efficient.

According to the Grey Lady, the city's first major move involves installing solar roofs on 24 public schools. The city is also working on projects that would improve insulation, boilers and lighting in public buildings, and they're hoping to offer incentives to private landlords to get them to retrofit their own properties.

Eventually, the city may have to come up with new regulations that would require private owners to cut emissions. "We’re not confident that large building owners will get there without the nudge of a compliance mandate,” Eddie Bautista of the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance told the paper. The city also aims to train hundreds of private and public building managers on how to make their properties more energy efficient.

De Blasio's proposal comes on the heels of erstwhile Mayor Bloomberg's own effort to reduce the city's carbon footprint, which has reportedly cut greenhouse gas emissions down by 19 percent since 2007. The current plan hopes to slice those emissions by an additional 35 percent by 2025.