Despite Mayor Bloomberg's recent efforts, it is still hard to catch a cab to the outer boroughs. But things are starting to look up! Not only are regular hacks soon going to be facing stiffer fines for refusing fares, but Bloomberg is now stepping up his efforts to turn his failed street hail livery service plan into a whole new breed of taxi medallion that will focus on serving areas that aren't Manhattan.

However, creating such a breed of medallions hasn't been the easiest process, as livery and taxi drivers and companies are both wary of increased competition and eager to get their fair share of whatever new system is put into place. As Bloomberg explained on his weekly radio appearance on WOR this morning: "We’re trying to find some balance. And we haven’t gotten there yet, but we are getting closer."

He also expressed a hope that the city might be able to milk some additional revenue from a new class of medallions ("I’ve never understood why we sell medallions," he went on. "We should rent them and still own them. But we don’t."). But how much the city will make is totally dependent on what new system is settled on and that, for the moment, is very much up in the air.

What isn't up in the air, though, is the fact that, between the possible new medallion and the new fines, for once it seems like the city is taking the issue of getting a taxi outside of Manhattan seriously. And you should too! Remember to always get in a cab before the driver can ask you where you are going and if they refuse you service try and call 311 while you are still in the vehicle (wouldn't want them to run you over, after all).