2006_08_johnliu.jpgAh, we were wondering when we'd hear more of Troi Torain, aka DJ Star, the former morning show DJ who threatened to molest and urinate on the 4 year old daughter of a radio rival. Last week, it was announced that child endangerment charges against him would be dropped if Torain performed community service, and it seemed like Torain had settled with his rival DJ Envy's family. But now Torain is filing a $55 million lawsuit against City Councilman John Liu for defamation. Or $5 million - the number includes "5" and "million." Torain says that Liu's actions were prompted by "self-promotion and aggrandizement" (from a politician? No!) led to Torain getting fired from his $4 million a year job at Power 105 and getting arrested.

Well, aside from not really thinking about what it would mean to threaten a 4 year old, Torain may have underestimated Coucilman Liu. The Daily Politics notes that Liu's press release about the lawsuit came at 11:24PM last night (right after one about feeder cables down in Flushing). And Liu's comment: “He's still a loser pedophile radio stooge.” Touche!