Yesterday, the Post reported City Councilman Dennis Gallagher, the Queens politican accused of raping a woman last summer, was offered a plea deal that would "keep him out of jail and off the sex-offender registry" and possibly force him to resign office.

Gallagher, who has maintained the sex (which occurred in his Queens offices) was consensual, was indicted by a grand jury last summer, but the indictment was dismissed last month, because the judge felt the prosecution's questioning of Gallagher was "compromised." The Queens DA office had previously said it would re-present the case to another grand jury.

The deal would reduce the charge, so Gallagher could "plead guilty to sexual misconduct," but not face jail time and not go on the sexual offender registry list. The Post's source claims Gallagher is talking to the DA's office to "avoid the 'embarrassment' of a trial." Gallagher is still serving in the Council, but had to resign his position as Republican minority whip.

The Post spoke to Gallagher's accuser, who was angry at the idea of a plea and said she is scheduled to testify next Tuesday, "I'm going back to the grand jury, and he is going to get indicted."