City Councilman Dennis Gallagher gave a DNA sample as the NYPD investigates claims that the Queens Republican raped a woman at his Kew Gardens office on Sunday.

A woman that Gallagher met at Danny Boy's pub (he's described as a "heavy social drinker" by some colleagues, according to the Daily News) alleges that he brought her back to his office and sexually assaulted her. The police raided his office on Monday but have not pressed charges yet.

Gallagher's lawyer Stephen Mahler told reporters, "Of course, he is embarrassed by this. Who wouldn't be? But I definitely think this will turn out in his favor." Mahler also emphasized that his client was innocent and invoked another scandal, "He thinks this is sort of comparable to the Duke situation, where everybody runs with the ball and you become the victim of the publicity rather than the facts of the case."

Other City Council members were shocked, but Robert Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association, who saw the police raid told the Times, "I would say that he is not fit for public office and probably never was. He is known for dominating people." The Times-Ledger was kind enough to explain that the Juniper Park Civic Association is no fan of Gallagher's after he did not reappoint a JPCA member to the community board.