The NY Post's curmudgeon-in-chief Steve Cuozzo has made no secret of his contempt for DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and the hundreds of miles of bike lanes that have been installed across town under her watch. So it's no surprise to hear he was outraged to find the separated bike path on Broadway between Columbus Circle and Times Square cleared of snow yesterday, while many side streets across New York have yet to see a snow plow. Rant the Cuozzo:

Broadway below Columbus Circle remained slow for motorists even after finally being cleared. Vehicles squeezed into a single lane at many points, thanks to wayward drifts, cars parked at the sidewalk and others parked in the mid-avenue buffer lane designed to shield the bike lane from moving traffic. Is there any better evidence of the warped priorities of Bloomberg and Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan?

Clearly, Cuozzo is not a snow biker. Meanwhile, over in Midwood, City Councilman David Greenfield made this video on the corner of Ocean Parkway and Parkville Avenue, blasting the mayor for clearing a bike path while streets remain unplowed. It's a chaotic scene—an FDNY ambulance and an oil truck struggle to pass through the choked traffic, while behind Greenfield, a number of elderly pedestrians and joggers enjoy the snow-free bike path (no cyclists, though).

Of course, it should be noted that the bike path on Ocean Parkway is maintained by the Parks Department, so it's not as if plowing it diverted any manpower away from Sanitation. But we were on the Williamsburg bridge bike/pedestrian path on Tuesday night, and were surprised to find it almost 100% clear—it was a striking contrast to all the snow-clogged side streets in Brooklyn. Too bad the FDNY doesn't have a special EMS bicycle brigade to deploy during blizzards!