Hmm, remember, in the throes of the Republican National Convention, last August, when political tempers flared and the weather was so so so so much warmer, New York magazine ran a story about the feasibility (and reasons why) NYC should secede? Apparently, the possibility of NYC seceding is not such a wacky idea, as the City Council is considering a bill that would propose a commission to study exactly that. The Post reports that the bill was first introduced by Councilman Peter Vallone in February 2003, but nothing has happened since. He told the Post he was surprised it was sitting there so long and added that with all that Pataki has done not to help the city "This may be our only viable option." Gothamist wonders if Puerto Rico would become the 51st state before New York City; or maybe we should be a different municipality, like D.C. or the United Nations. NYC was once the capital of the country, after all.

In one bellwhether of city-state interests in the bigger political context, Mayor Bloomberg isn't going to the inauguration but Governor Pataki is. And Gothamist loved the pretend currency that New York magazine designed for the secession article (above); yorks, heh.