Gothamist was slightly disappointed when we read the NY Times article titled, "More Rats? Pied Pipers Are Needed, Officials Say," because there was no actual mention of having a squad of musicians being used to lure rats from their hiding places. Can you imagine if that's what subway musicians did - led rats away to the East River? Or if pest control people were musicians?

The City Council wants to create a new board (Pest Control Board) dedicated to deal with the rodent problem, specifically noting that Bloomberg administration hadn't done enough to stop rats as rat complaints have gone up 8% since last year, 40% since 2 years ago. The Health Department says they are doing a good job, but that they are shifting their efforts to the Bronx where the problems are most severe. This graphic is from the Health Department, and it shows that many buildings in the Bronx do not comply with making sure rats are gone. And it must mean that Queens and Staten Island are less ratty.

Gothamist on the book, Rats, about Manhattan's relationship with the critters.