2008_10_votlim.jpgThe City Council is voting on the controversial legislation to extend term limits for a number of offices, including Mayor, who favors running for a third term, and City Council, from two terms to three this afternoon. This morning, the Council's Government Operations Committee voted unanimously--with one abstention--to send the bill to the full Council.

The GOC's members also voted first, and they all (except Larry Seabrook, D-Bronx, who abstained) voted in favor of the bill: Inez Dickens (D-Manhattan), Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn), Erik Martin Dilan (D-Brooklyn), Domenic Recchia (D-Brooklyn), Councilwoman Helen Sears (D-Manhattan) and Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Queens). NY1, which says 19 members are in favor of extending term limits, 22 oppose it, and 10 are undecided, notes that Seabrook had supported the measure.

More drama may unfold when three City Council members introduce a measure to require a referendum. The Post reports, "Sources said three council members, Jessica Lappin, Michael McMahon and Anthony Como, were given the green light by the mayor and Quinn to vote down the mayor's bill as long as they vote against the amendment." Lappin denied it, "I resent that. That's just ridiculous. That's not how I operate."

NY PIRG's Gene Russianoff was ominous about today's vote, "Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn stand on the precipice of the worst decision of their political careers. They are spitting in the face of the vast majority of their citizens." And some of Mayor Bloomberg's allies are unhappy with how he has gone about bringing term limits to discussion. A former aide tells the NY Times, "It stinks of clubhouse politics. It's not like him."