Last week, Mayor Bloomberg vetoed the 5-minute grace period bill which was overwhelmingly passed by the City Council. He also vetoed a similar bill which would allow clergy to receive city-issued free parking permits. Today it was expected that the Council's Transportation Committee is expected to overrule the vetoes on both bills. This would be followed by the full Council voting to overrule on Dec. 21, with both bills becoming law 90 days thereafter.

A limited amount of parking permits are given out to clergy as of now, but with heavy restrictions, so only a fraction of the city's religious officials are able to receive them. Nonetheless, the City Council voted unanimously, 49-0, in favor of the new bill. Along with his veto, Mayor Bloomberg argued, "By expanding the scope of privileges offered to clergy permit holders and increasing the number of individuals and motor vehicles eligible for such permits, this bill would make fewer spaces available within the city, to the detriment of residents, local businesses and the general public." Or maybe it would just "generate confusion with drivers and prove difficult to enforce."