Surprise, surprise! The City Council put together a team of investigators to inspect the cleanliness of the subways, and found that they are stinking nasty! And what's more, the worst stations just happen to be in the poorest neighborhoods and/or the Bronx. No one is really that shocked, maybe just slightly surprised. The NY Times' Sewell Chan points out that the City Council's survey and the survey from the NYC Transit Riders Council had generally similar results - terrible stations in the Bronx - but each study had a different list of worst stations (all in the Bronx). The worst station, per the City Council, is the East 149th Street stop, while the NYC Transit Riders found the Moshulu stop on the 4 to be the worst. Look, net net, the subways are gross. Here's the most oft-quoted part of the study.

"Subway riders...encounter papers and bottles obstructing stairways, platforms littered with food, pungent odors and track beds cluttered with sludge and debris. In one case, investigators even found human waste."

Hey, investigators, welcome to our world! Pungent doesn't even begin to describe some odors, and the human waste is not only seen at times - it's usually something we smell! The only poo Gothamist wants to see in our subway journeys is the Pooh bear Winnie. The MTA says they want to clean stations, but just don't have enough money. Well, how's about using some of that West Side Railyards cash when the time comes?

Tien Mao on poo in the station and the Straphangers on dirtiest subway cars.