Here's a story that just makes our blood boil. A City Council committee is preparing a bill that would raise the age for buying cigarettes from 18 to either 19 or 21!

We can't describe how much we completely disagree with this idea. That anyone in the city would consider this when there is already a huge problem keeping underage kids from drinking is just ludicrous. Luckily, at least, Gotham's most famous anti-smoker is against the idea. "The mayor is not in favor of raising the legal smoking age," Bloomberg spokeswoman Virginia Lam told the Daily News. "He supports efforts to help curb underage smoking and to expand smoking cessation programs."

We found the words of Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment founder Audrey Silk summed our opinion up pretty well: "These politicians would be more than happy to put their arm around an 18-year-old and say, 'Vote for me.' Eighteen-year-olds are smart enough to do that. But they aren't smart enough to use a legal product." What do you think of the idea of raising the age to purchase smokes?

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