After the Mayor announced possible changes to the noise code, the City Council has decided to attempt banning car alarms. The issue was debated, but the City Council did not come to a consensus. A bill would "prohibit the sale and installation of audible car alarms in the city," while there are thoughts to ask the Legislature to okay insurance discounts for silent alarms. There's a lot of other political hoo-ha about whether or not banning car alarms and what kinds of alarms should be okay. Gothamist barely remembers how to drive, but we do know that we hate car alarms.

The City Council apparently made fun of the mayor for being opposed to banning car alarms (though he might change his mind) while he wants to ban Mr. Softee music. Councilman Peter Vallone gives his thoughts on Mister Softee, who is at the center of one of the noise code's bans, "Mister Softee music is occasionally mildly annoying, while car alarms are mind-numbing, life-altering devices." Word up.