Just a few days after agreeing with the Mayor on a budget, the City Council will work on their own budget. And the speculation is that because some City Council members essentially voted against City Council Speaker Gifford Miller, who was attempting to stop the Mayor's trash plan, Speaker Miller will give them the cold budget shoulder. One City Council member, Tony Avella, tells Newsday, "I had heard that Miller was threatening members if they voted for the garbage proposal and against him, that they would suffer when it comes to member items," though Miller's aides say Miller will probably just not credit them (for instance, City Councilman David Yassky's name was taken off a bill he sponsored). An anonymous City Coucil member told the Post, "If you're in the double category of not supporting Gifford [for mayor] and you voted against [his plan on] garbage, then you felt real pain." It's as reassuring as ever to know that the politics is built on retribution and favors.