2007_03_alumbat.jpgDepending on whether you've ever been on the receiving end of a ball hit by an aluminum bat (or maybe you were hit by one - accidentally, so the other kid said), you may find the City Council's approval to let an aluminum bat ban move forward appropriate. Or you may find it completely ridiculous.

After a few publicized incidents where young baseball players were seriously injured or even killed by balls hit by aluminum bats, City Councilman James Oddo introduced the legislation which would ban aluminum bats at high school games and the City Council's Youth Services Committee has approved it. However, many parents and coaches think the legislation is overzealous, given there are no studies that show a greater risk when using aluminum bats. But former Mets pitcher John Franco said:

“I think the game is a lit bit slower with a wood bat and for the safety issue of the kids, I think maybe the ball might travel a little bit slower. You know line drives hit off a wood bat are line drives and off aluminum bats are line drives, but for me personally being on that mound and seeing the difference, pitching for 22 years, I could see the difference."

Uh, so aluminum bats are dangerous? Maybe?

The City Council will now get the legislation. NY1 reports that the Mayor is against it. And recently, the City Council voted on a symbolic ban on the n-word.