It's not the best week for Mayor Bloomberg. His West Side stadium gets poo-pooed, and now the City Council doesn't like his plan for trash! The City Council, led by City Council Speaker Gifford Miller, voted against the mayor's trash plan. The Bloomberg administration's plan was to
ship the city's garbage via barges, in order to cut sanitation truck traffic, by creating/renovating marine transfer stations in the city. One was in Miller's Upper East Side district, making him primed to fight the Mayor on this. The interesting thing is that many politicians in poorer districts actually supported this trash plan (not to mention the NRDC), because many trash stations are located in their districts. The NY Times reports that many Council members were upset over the vote, with City Councilman Charles Barron of Brooklyn saying, "This is the most embarrassing day I've had since I've been on the Council."

Now the Mayor can veto the City Council's vote, and then the City Council would need to override the veto with a two-thirds majority vote; the Daily News says the Mayor doesn't think the City Council has enough override votes. Look for Mayor Bloomberg to take this vote to the streets, because supporting a plan that would right "environmental injustices" amongst poorer neighborhoods also helps him look less like the out-of-touch billionaire that wants an expensive Manhattan stadium. We think.