With one of the largest moviegoing populations in the U.S, the City Council is making sure that New Yorkers can get the most out of their trips to the movies. Yesterday, a bill was proposed to make sure movie theaters list the actual movie start times - not when advertising and previews begin. City Councilwoman Gail Brewer told the media:

"We can't outlaw advertising. But at least we can tell the industry that they have to be honest about when their movies start, not their ads."

Gothamist applauds the spirit of the bill, but we thinks it's a little off. People should get into their seats by the start of the previews, but, given the already stupid antics of some moviegoers, we want to ensure that people aren't coming in late during a movie's opening. Movie theaters are arguing that people already know that movie start times include ads and previews, but Gothamist would like to say, "Yeah, but we didn't know we'd have 20 minutes of pure promotional drivel before seeing four not-that-great previews." If we had our druthers, we'd like to know how long the ads would be, what previews there were ... oh, screw it, Gothamist is a psycho about being at the movies on time...we're the losers waiting in the hall while the theater is being cleaned out.

And speaking of psychos, did you know that moviegoers once entered movies any old time they wanted, even well after it started? Alfred Hitchcock insisted that late moviegoers to Psycho be turned away, thus beginning the movement to see the start of the movies at the beginning. Edit your own Psycho shower scene here.

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