Today, the City Council is having a "nightlife summit" to discuss bar and nightclub safety. Yesterday, the City Council introduced new bills that would require clubs to: 1) Install ID scanners and security cameras; 2) Give nightlife employees more training (safety and spotting drunk customers...) and 3) Hire monitors is laws are repeatedly broken at their venues. amNew York noted that the leglislation would have video recording "kept in a secure area and made available only for law enforcement purposes" and would be destroyed after 15 days, perhaps in an effort to stave off privacy concerns. The New York Nightlife Association says that only "bad operators should be required to install these cameras and I.D. scanners." But, after the deaths of Imette St. Guillen and Jennifer Moore, plus various fatal incidents involving bouncers and/or customer brawls (for instance, this past weekend there was a fatal fight in Staten Island), officials are eager to do something. The Post reports other things that will be discussed at the summit include "changing the current law that allows 16-year-olds to enter nightclubs, and banning bottle service, a trend that requires patrons to buy a minimum amount of liquor to get a seat at a club."

The nightlife summit is being held now at John Jay College, but yesterday was interesting behind City Council closed doors. Speaker Christine Quinn revealed the results of a poll taken to gauge NYC residents' reaction to overturning City Council term limits (curently, members can only serve two four year terms). And what do New Yorkers think? Almost 60% favor the two-term limit. It's unclear whether the City Council will try to repeal the term limits or if they'll let the issue rest. For a good look at the pros and cons of term limits, check out this article from Gotham Gazette.