2006_02_nycsealhat.jpgCity Council Speaker Christine Quinn continues to clean up the City Council: First, she teamed with the Mayor to announce lobbying reforms. Then, on Friday, she laid off 60 workers. Now, there's a memo circulating with the guidelines for office fashion. The memo seems to have been sent to the Post:

"While the council has recognized the merits of allowing for a more relaxed dress policy on Fridays, we must remember this is still a place of business," an internal council memo obtained by The Post states.

"To clarify what casual dress means, all employees are expected to be in appropriate business attire during business hours, regardless of the day," it added.

Since then, hats have been banned. So have team jerseys, sweatpants, and even regular T-shirts. Council staffers were caught off guard, especially since many who received it are back-office workers who rarely interact with the public.

Uh oh - that means you can't wear your NYC City Seal hats anymore! One staffer tells the Post, "It never struck me as a problem, but I guess this is the way it's going to be under Quinn: all business," which really just sounds like Quinn is trying to make things professional at the City Council. Maybe The Politicker can tell us if the memo had some attachments of acceptable and unacceptable sartorial choices.

Does your office have a dress code? And do you follow it? Or do you have a devil may care attitude? Gothamist remembers when a dress code was handed down at our old job - we all retailiated because when you're treated like animals, you tend to dress like animals.