In an attempt to curb graffiti, the City Council voted unanimously yesterday to gradually ban solid metal roll-down gates from storefronts. Starting in July 2011, shopkeepers who install new security shutters will be required to purchase gates made mainly out of metal mesh or metal grilles. Supporters say the new gates will help protect police and firefighters by giving them the ability to see into stores when responding to potentially dangerous situations, while deterring graffiti writers who seem to prefer solid metal gates. Solid metal gates will be banned entirely by 2026.

The new gates retail for about $10,000 — an estimated 10 percent higher than the price of solid metal gates, according to NY1. But Queens Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. says the new shutters are well worth the cash: "Our streets will no longer look like a graffiti strewn war zone after closing time," said the anti-graffiti politician, who has claimed that banning solid metal roll-down gates will reduce the amount of graffiti by 80 percent. "We pass many bills here at the Council but very few are like this one where we will actually see a concrete result where our city will be more beautiful and be safer."