Ooh. The Post reports that Economic Development Corporation president Robert Lieber flew to Denmark to met with representatives of Tivoli Gardens, the 164-year-old Copenhagen amusement park, about the possibility of some Tivoli Gardens action in Brooklyn. The Post's headline? "TASTY APPLE DANISH FOR CONEY IS."

Lieber says that Tivoli management is interested in Coney Island and that he and other EDC officials wanted to from Tivoli's success.

He said a Tivoli branch in Coney Island could work without giving up the area's famous freakiness, adding Tivoli officials promised a future visit.

"We aren't trying to create Disneyland in Coney Island, but we're trying to create a demand-oriented model that maintains the neighborhood's character and economic interests," Lieber said.

The visit also reveals Lieber's feelings about Thor Equities' billion-dollar plan for Coney Island. Lieber "pointed out that Tivoli is successful year-round without the onsite condos, time-shares or hotels that Sitt has pushed for, despite Denmark's cold winters and the park's many outdoor rides and attractions." But the city and Thor will need some sort of agreement to move ahead, or else Coney Island's health could be jeopardized if planning drags on.

Would you welcome the touch of elegant Tivoli Gardens (here's a Wikipedia entry on it) at Coney Island to prevent too much Thor-ification?