2006_09_willthompson.jpgThe race for 2009 mayoral is on: The Post reports that City Comptroller William Thompson is holding a big fundraiser on November 15. He apparently already has $2 million on hand, but the "New Yorkers for Thompson" fundraiser at the Waldorf-Astoria won't hurt. Thompson wisely sat out the 2005 election, because it was hard for any Democratic challenger to go up against the Mayor's pretty good record and money (he spent $77.8 million for last year's election!). At this point, we imagine that the other 2009 candidates include Representative Anthony Weiner, who made a compelling showing the Democratic primary, and that the BIG issues will be affordable housing. But by 2009, will the economy and housing market have cooled down? Ah, the fun in store for political forecasters.

It's highly unlikely that someone with Mayor Bloomberg's deep pockets will run. Unless Time Warner head - and Bed-Stuy born - Richard Parsons runs.