The newly appointed commissioner of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications has saved $3,000 in taxes since 2005 by claiming residency in Florida—even though she has worked for city agencies the whole time. Longtime Bloomberg administration employee Carole Post and her husband have qualified for a homestead exemption, which is supposed to be granted to only full-time Florida residents, on their multimillion dollar West Palm Beach home, according to the Post.

While she was working for the city's Department of Buildings, records indicate that Post voted in Palm Beach County in 2004 and had a Florida driver's license in 2005. In fact, Post's husband only alerted Florida official's yesterday that his wife moved to New York in 2001—and he only did that after receiving calls from a reporter. Authorities said the couple will continue to receive the tax break because her husband claims Florida as his permanent residence.

A Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications spokesman said the tax "exemption was appropriate and should continue" because his boss' husband spends much of his time in Florida, though he couldn't explain why Post voted in Palm Beach County and still has an open voters registration there. "It was a mistake," the spokesman said.

Yankees star Derek Jeter has also come under fire for skirting taxes by claiming Florida residency.