It's that time of year when parents of high school seniors worry over their children just picking party schools to apply to, thanks to the listing power of the Princeton Review. The Princeton Review released its variety of lists, from Party Schools to the Most Politically Active. Where did the city's school show up? Well, Queens College was number 8 on the list for lowest alcohol and marijuana consumption, while NYU was number 1 for "gay community most accepted" (New School was number 2) and "students dissatisfied with financial aid." Oh, and it was number 8 for most pot friendly. Columbia was number 4 for "best academic experience" and number 10 for "hardest to get in," while Barnard was number 11 for "quality of life." And the New School's Eugene Lang College was number 1 for "best class discussions." Naturally, NYU, the New School and Cooper Union were named schools with the "least enthusiastic intramural sports programs" - surely Princeton Review knows that it's tough enough finding classes in the maze of buildings that make up "campus."

And Manhattan was the best college town with many the New School at 1, Barnard at 2, Columbia at 3, NYU at 15, and Cooper-Union at 19. Take that, rolling hills of green grass campuses!

And Columbia's academics are more touted, the library staff can be funny, too