Thieves ransacked a Brighton Beach home after the city mistakenly marked it for demolition. After a fire ravaged the house next door to Martin Senzer's Brighton First Street residence, a Department of Buildings inspector who "is either legally blind or an imbecile," according to Senzer, slated the 66-year-old's home for demolition last January. That mix-up sent a plumber and a National Grid employee to Senzer's house to turn off the gas and water — and they had to cut the locks to get in.

Senzer, who was in Florida at the time of the misfiling, was able to sort things out before the wrecking ball arrived. But when he got back to Brooklyn, he found that burglars had taken advantage of the unlocked doors to heist his family silver and his collection of rare coins. "The house was so badly tossed," he told the Post. "It was ransacked. Mattresses were standing up off the bed. It was a horror. I cried tears when I came." Unsurprisingly, Senzer is filing suit against the city: "They left the premises unsecured, for all the druggies and homeless to just walk in and help themselves, and they did."