Thinking that a Thursday 5:30PM press conference would help explain why commuters might see more bag checks and police on the subways, the Mayor, Police Commissioner, and head of the FBI's NY office announced that the feds had let them know about a terrorist threat that targetted the NYC subway system. Two suspects were taken into custody in Iraq, with some reports saying that about a dozen operatives would meet in New York, and "use strollers, briefcases and packages to hide a number of bombs that they planned to detonate on the subways." The Daily News warns of a "Buggy Bomber." The intelligence also suggested an attack could have come yesterday or in the middle of October, but officials in the capitol are saying the threat is of "doubtful credibility." Either way, the Mayor and Police Commissioner explained that the police presence would be stepped up and implored New Yorkers to say something if they see something.

On Gothamist's subway ride home, we saw a few cops, plus an MTA truck with its lights blazing outisde the station, but most of the hysteria was limited to the dry cleaners where people were more worried that the subways would be totally shut down. Did you think passengers were more jittery during your subway rides? Newsday's article noted that the timing did coincide with the Mayor's declining-debate debacle. Newsday and the NY Times look at how the city dealt with the information about a possible attack, and the Times also has subway rider reaction story (as expected, most people are just carrying on).

And our readers are skeptical, snarky and scornful - just the way we like 'em.

It looks like part of Penn Station was closed this morning due to a suspicous soda bottle.