Photo via briansacawa's flickr

If you didn't bring your Christmas tree to Mulchfest and left it on the curb thinking it would be recycled... think again. According to WNYC, those trees are going straight in the trash. A Department of Sanitation spokesperson told them that the annual Christmas tree recycling program was canceled this year after the department became overwhelmed by the December 26th blizzard. Christine Datz-Romero at the Lower East Side Ecology Center says this falls into a common pattern: "Whenever we have an emergency, recycling suffers." Hear that Mother Nature, next time you Blizzardgeddon us think of your precious trees first.

If you want to give your dead tree some meaning, Datz-Romero suggests recycling a few branches of your tree by layering them in tree pits with this debris to help insulate them during the next storm.