The NYC Transit bus driver who struck and killed 22-year-old Seth Kahn last week is probably regretting some previous Facebook status updates. Following the accident last Wednesday, it came out that Jeremy Philhower had been suspended previously for texting and updating his Facebook while on the job.

NYC Transit investigators infiltrated the 39-year-old's Facebook, and the Daily News has published some of his previous thoughts while behind the wheel — including this gem: "Thinking about how many people I want to kill today, including myself." Only to be followed by "I hate these people. I want to kick the shit out of them. They're idiots." And finally, he declared: "They revere me as God. Even though I hate them, they still love me."

Philhower has been driving city buses for 10 years, and last Wednesday when he hit Kahn on 53rd and 9th, it was his first day back on the job after being suspended for texting while driving. While the NYPD hasn't charged Philhower with anything yet, the MTA Inspector General Barry Kluger has launched an investigation, which will include getting to the bottom of how the driver remained behind the wheel after safety violations, and how NYC Transit failed to order a psychological evaluation of him.