Police have arrested MTA bus driver Richard Davidson, 36, of Brooklyn for shooting another man after "exchanging words" with him outside a Valley Stream, LI office building. Davidson reportedly shot Anthony Hinds six times in the legs and twice in the shoulder yesterday morning before walking away. But unlike some trigger-happy slackers who squeeze off a few rounds and take the rest of the day off, investigators say Davidson proceeded directly to work and clocked in for his regular shift.

Davidson left to drive to the Brooklyn bus depot and start his daily route driving the B11. Sgt. Robert Galgano told the Post, "Apparently, this guy just went into work like nothing had happened." A witness told police that Davidson had been wearing his MTA uniform, but police never expected Davidson would be working his regular shift. Still, they called the MTA, who located the bus and tracked it until the end of the route. Davidson was arrested on Flatbush and Nostrand Avenues after the bus had emptied.

Police say Davidson believed Hinds was having an affair with his wife. Amazingly, Hinds is in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries at Nassau University Medical Center. A friend of Hinds's also insists Hinds was not having an affair with Davidson's wife, but was merely concerned because he believed Davidson was beating her. Davidson has been charged with second-degree attempted murder and other weapons charges, and is being held without bail.