An MTA bus driver reacted in archetypal spurned lover fashion after spotting the object of his wife's affection, pulling his bus over and allegedly stabbing the Other Man in the arm with a pocket knife.

Details of the incident were vague yesterday, but today we know the impetus behind 30-year-old Ephraim Henry's decision to bring his (fortunately empty) Q52 bus to a halt: He spotted a familiar face out the windshield, belonging to 48-year-old Oscar Williams, who'd apparently been messing around with Henry's wife for some time.

Williams himself was cruising in a Honda, but that didn't stop Henry from bringing his bus to a halt and somehow running up to Williams' car. The squabble escalated from fisticuffs when Henry produced a pocket knife and stabbed his rival in the arm, with enough force to produce "a lot of blood," one witness told the Post.

Williams was treated at Jamaica Hospital for minor injuries. Henry has been charged with second-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon.