The headline Budget Talks Between Mayor And Council Go Nowhere is not that surprising to Gothamist, because it does not seem the nature of things, especially budgets and money affecting specific constituencies, that the City Council and Mayor would agree to things easily. It's a system of checks and balances and egos. The Mayor is aiming for a budget of $46.9 billion, and the City Council wants to add $350 million - made up of restoring $220 million of cuts and "$129 million for seven-day library service, smaller class sizes, legal aid for the poor, day care and job training for the long-term unemployed" as the Times reports - more. Gothamist has to say that everything the City Council is fighting for (read Speaker Gifford Miller's message about the budget) are integral parts of building a city, but we do feel for the Mayor the tough choices he has to make overseeing the entire city's budget. Gothamist has enough trouble balancing our own checkbook (if you can call it that).

Look at all budget-related documents for New York City. Side note: Check out the Mayor's letter to all city employees, re: falling behind on child support payments - "If, however, you refuse to fulfill your legal and moral obligation to support your child, OCSE will compel payment through any legal means necessary, including intercepting your tax refund, freezing and seizing your bank accounts, or suspending your driver's license. Child support payments are not optional; they cannot and should not be delayed, avoided or ignored." Go, Mike!