Millions and billions of snow crystals have decided to visit, oh, a good chunk of the United States, and New York City is bracing itself for 10-15" inches of blizzardy fun. The Department of Sanitation is activating 2500 workers and 1800 plows and salt spreaders this weekend. DoS Commi. We canceled all days off and all vacations." Thanks, DoS!

And, hey, what exactly is freezing fog, Weather Underground?

Gothamist hopes you stay warm and dry if you venture out. And because there's nothing like a weather panic, we went to Fairway, where everyone and their mother, son, and neighbor seemed to be. The end of the express line (to pay for groceries) snaked its way to the front door! But it did move fast.


The NY Times on what the blizzard and cold is making New Yorkers do - namely, not go out. And How Stuff Works on why snow is white.