Now that the transit strike is over, the city is asking various businesses if they have contingency plans for the next potential catastrophe - the avian flu. The Post reports that the Office of Emergency Management and Department of Health and Mental Hygiene are surveying various companies to see if they have a "pandemic-flu plan" or if they will allow telecommuting. Man, is this another thing Gothaimst has to ask our bosses about? The city wants to help out businesses to see, as the deputy Health Department comissioner Dr. Issac Weisfuse says, "For example, how would they deal with getting their critical functions done in the setting of a pandemic when there is a larger absentee rate above normal. How would they decrease transmission of flu in the workplace to protect their employees and their clients?" Yes, happy day-after-Christmas, happy second day of Hanukkah, and and happy Kwanzaa - it's time to think about the bird flu at work.

The CDC on the avian flu and the NPR has a section on it as well.