2005_11_countrytakesnyc.jpgUm, we knew that city was very excited about the Country Music Awards coming to New York City, since even Mayor Bloomberg put on a cowboy hat last year. But who would have thought the city would take a page from Thundercut's walk signal pedestrian mashup book and create a country walking man "The County Takes New York City" banners? (cityrag is outraged.) However, we are impressed that the city's marketing team was able to make sure cowboy boots were this fall's faddy footwear.

The awards will be on November 15, and in the days leading up to the Tuesday night performance, the city will have a ton of events, from "Culinary Day" on November 9 (discounts, restaurants will play country music) to "Education Day" (country singers will put music to lyrics by NYC public school student, a recital). Here's the city's press release about "Country Takes New York City Week". And is it just Gothamist or do male country music superstars dress really gay?