The NY Times reports that Citigroup says it "persuaded a New York judge to temporarily block Wells Fargo from acquiring Wachovia." Wells Fargo's $15 billion deal was announced on Friday, surprising Citigroup which had worked with the feds to acquired Wachovia for $2.2 billion. Citigroup says their agreement prohibited Wachovia from any other discussions until after October 6 but Wachovia spokesperson said its Wells deal is "proper, valid and is in the best interest of shareholders, employees and the American taxpayers. Under that agreement, Citigroup is always free to make a superior offer to Wachovia." Wells' chairman further emphasized, "The taxpayer doesn't pay a penny." Oh, and the TImes's source said, "Citigroup was seeking $60 billion in damages from Wells Fargo for interfering with the initial transaction."