Yesterday morning, a 27-year-old woman apparently jumped to her death from a Trump Place building on the Upper West Side. The Daily News reports, "Police said Jessica Fashano... jumped from the top of the 40-story Trump Place tower on Riverside Blvd. at 8:15 a.m.," and the Post says she "landed face down in a third-floor courtyard just after 8 a.m." A resident told the News, "It was outside my window [and] it was a really bad sound - a boom... I'll never forget it."

Fashano, who worked at Citigroup as an analyst (she can be seen in a recruitment video), was not a resident of the building; she lived on West 53rd Street. According to the Daily News, it's unclear why she picked 180 Riverside Boulevard (between 68th and 69th Streets), but "friends said Fashano knew someone who lived there." No note was found.

In September, a man survived a 39-story fall from a West End Avenue building when a car broke his fall. He had previously lived in the building and sneaked in and jumped from an apartment terrace.