Way back in July the city sadly delayed its highly-anticipated and perpetually-postponed bike share program, CitiBike, until "Spring 2013." And today we know when exactly that is.

Despite serious equipment damage due to Hurricane Sandy the NYC DOT today announced that the program will really, truly, seriously, launch in May 2013. According to the DOT, "the revised timeline was agreed to by all parties and will not impact the $41 million in private funding from Citi to underwrite the system."

As for the damage done to the system by Sandy? The city says about two-thirds of the program's equipment was being stored in the Brooklyn Navy Yard:

While portions of the system’s equipment were not significantly damaged, including bike frames and hardware, many parts of the system containing electrical components must have individual parts refurbished or replaced. NYCBS is currently working to identify, repair and replace these damaged parts, aided through insurance and supplemented by equipment that wasn’t stored at the Navy Yard, as well as by additional equipment from its supplier and from elsewhere in the delivery pipeline.

"Despite the damage, New York will have the nation’s largest bike share system up and running this spring," DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan assured worried sharing cyclists in a statement. The program should kick off with 5,500 bikes at nearly 300 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn before slowly expanding to the rest of the city. Fingers crossed.