It seems like we've been waiting for years for the city's much-anticipated, highly-ambitious bike share program, CitiBike, to get going. And it looks like we're going to have to wait a bit longer.

When CitiBike was introduced with its official name in May, officials said to expect the bikes to start appearing on hundreds of new bike racks by late July. But we're now in the middle of July and you might have noticed that no racks have been installed. So, what gives? Looks like it has been pushed back. Alta, the company that will be running the program, is now tweeting that we should "look for the launch in August" saying that "you'll be able to sign up for memberships next month." Which is nice and all, but much like that uptown 6 transfer at Broadway-Lafayette, we want 'em now!

We've reached out to the DOT and Alta for a bit more clarification on when exactly we can expect to start sharing. We've also asked them about final bike rack locations, and will update if/when we hear anything.