[Update below] Well, well. Rich people may have the power to have Citi Bike racks moved, but even richer people get to keep them exactly where they are. After months of petitions, nude art classes and finally, a lawsuit, SoHo residents may finally know why the hated rack of Petrosino Square hasn't budged: Ed Skyler, Citibank's global vice president of public affairs—and wouldn't you know, a Citi Bike advocate!—lives right across the freaking street.

“It’s obviously ironic that the city’s most controversial bike-share site is mere feet from [Skyler]," Geoffrey Croft, founder of NYC Park Advocates, told the Post. “It’s too bad that his neighbors have to be tortured.”

Skyler served as Deputy Mayor in the Bloomberg administration before leaving for Citigroup in 2010. "Ed is literally Batman," a fellow Bloomberg staffer said at the time. And do you think Batman would let a bunch of Gotham NIBMYs tell him where to put his personal Citi Bike rack?

“You can’t make everybody happy, and that’s just unfortunately the way it is,” he told the Post. The city also accidentally placed a rack in front of a LES fire hydrant on Friday, thinking the hydrant was defunct. But was it really an accident? Or was it because that's where the ghost of Samuel Osgood told workers he wanted it?

Update, 12:22 p.m.: From Citi Bank spokesperson Andrew Brent: "Citi has no authority to make decisions on station locations. The Department of Transportation selected the location after a lengthy public process, and we understand they are actively reviewing additional community feedback on it."