Adulthood has its perks, the most important of which is that you are finally empowered to make decisions for yourself, decisions previously left in the probably cruel, fun-quashing hands of the jerks known as your parents (or legal caregivers!). Are you over the age of 18, mostly financially self-sustaining (THE VERIZON FAMILY PLAN IS CHEAPER OK) and of generally sound mind? Congratulations—you have won the right to eat Cappuccino-flavored Lay's every night for dinner until you are dead. (Not much longer now!)

You can also do all the fun shit you always wanted to do as a kid, but, unless your parents were some sort of hippies or celebrity plastic surgeons, probably couldn't. Want to sleep in a tent on Citi Field on Saturday while watching on a giant screen as the Mets TROUNCE the Padres in San Diego?* You can. As long as you have a sleeping bag and can spare 200 bones for a ticket (or $175 for an order of four to six tickets!)

In addition to sleeping under the stars (or the vinyl tent ceiling, your call), attendees will also receive "dinner and breakfast in Fan Fest, and a late night snack in the Group Sales Clubhouse," plus a "complimentary pillow and have the opportunity to meet Mr. and Mrs. Met." Everyone in attendance will also get a free ticket to the Mets' Sunday, September 28 game against the Houston Astros.

Doors open at 5 p.m. Fans with sleeping bags can arrange themselves on the grass; those with tents on the warning track—though tent space is first come, first serve, so arrive promptly so some other kid, er, fully-grown person doesn't steal the best plot.

Tickets are available here. Pictures of last year's event are here.

*Ticket does not include guaranteed win, now or ever.