The 29-year-old Mets fan who christened Citi Field in May by being the first to streak the new stadium is filled with bitterness and remorse. Craig Coakley brought joy to millions when he dashed out onto the field during a Mets-Braves game wearing just a thong with a monkey covering his junk. But it was all downhill from there: six months later, his euphoria long dissipated, the diehard Mets fan is all washed up.

In September, Coakley was fined $3,000, sentenced to 20 days of community service, and, worst of all, banned for life from all Mets venues, including Citi Field and KeySpan Park in Brooklyn. In an email to the TimesLedger, almost certainly typed in a darkened room littered with empty booze bottles, pizza boxes, and baseball cards, Coakley writes:

I was devastated. I never meant to offend anyone, and regardless of whether or not the Mets organization lifts the ban, I will be a Met fan until the day that I die... I’m a singer/songwriter and performer, and realized how serious and depressing society has become. I wanted to bring some fun and levity into people’s lives and knew I’d have a captive audience at Citi Field. Judging from the thousands of e-mails I’ve received from people all over the country supporting me, I succeeded.

Coakley's also succeeded in getting some attention for his band One Time (MySpace), and says he's "in talks" with several record labels and industry people. But no matter how huge One Time gets, it will never fill the void left in his heart by the Mets organization. Men have enjoyed running naked at least as far back as the Battle of Marathon, so will making an example of Coakley really stop what's obviously an innate human urge?

Coakley has a bold idea we think the Mets, and the MLB in general, should seriously consider: "Maybe streaking should be a regular fifth inning tradition. I don’t think Mets fans would mind as long as we’re winning games." One thing is certain: This post was just an excuse to watch the funny video one more time, below.