The Citi Bike rider who was tackled and handcuffed by cops when he tried to breeze through a Manhattan roadblock for President Obama has come forward to tell the world his story. Daniel Provencio, 59, says he was on his way to a blind date on Wednesday night when he ran afoul of the NYPD, which had blocked off Park Avenue to clear 50th Street for Obama's motorcade. Provencio's enviably blissful obliviousness, and subsequent rude awakening, was captured for the ages on Instagram:

Roadblock, shmodeblock. Like the whole city has to come to a halt just so Obama can slow jam the news on Fallon? Provencio tells TMZ he was biking merrily along listening to the indispensable Carly Rae Jepsen song "Call Me Maybe" on his headphones when those aggro cops dropped him like a bag of dirt.

Provencio says he was on his way to a blind date he had arranged over an unspecified online dating website. Sadly, he was detained by cops for so long that his date got tired of waiting and left! Roadblock? More like a cockblock amirite Obama?

Provencio was issued a summons for disorderly conduct. It's unclear if he has any hot dates lined up for this weekend, but the NYPD better stay the fuck out of his way.

(Via Facebook)