Slamming a Citi Bike into the docking station can more than just a rote activity—it can be cathartic. You're mad at Citi Bike for making such ineffectual docking stations, you're mad at your girlfriend for eating the last banana, you're mad at your hairline for retreating to the back of your scalp when you're only 27. Why fling a perfectly good houseplant or snap at a perfectly nice bodega cashier in your rage? Take your anger out on the bike, slam it into the docking station, for all the wrongs and minor irritants perpetrated against you this week or lifetime!

No, please don't, Citi Bike officials beseeched via newsletter sent to members yesterday. "We've heard your calls. We know that our docking points could use some TLC," admits the letter's author, taking the opportunity to humblebrag about the many, many trips the bikes have taken over the last year. Still: "Please, please, please DO NOT SLAM your Citi Bike into a dock."

So in other words...don't do this?

The missive goes on to explain that in some cases, the docks are not broken, they're just pinned. The solution is to "look into the V" (?!)—is there a metal bar blocking it? Good news, weary traveler! The dock isn't broken, that's just pinned! Great! How do I fix that?

It's easy, the newsletter proclaims. Just locate a friendly stranger who is also a Citi Bike member but is not currently using a bike who is not wearing ear buds and is not already late to a very important lunch meeting, and ask them to insert their key! "Voila!" the newsletter chirps. "Thanks in advance for your help, and here’s to kinder and gentler docking!"

Unable to identify any elusive strangers to free you from your bind? Muscles grown weary from repeated vigorous slammings? Just go ahead and throw it over the fence.