A few pesky lawsuits aside, Citi Bike has managed to blend seamlessly into the landscape of New York City—maybe a little too seamlessly, according to the two individuals suing the city after they both tripped over the sidewalk-gray racks.

DNAinfo reports that 52-year-old Howard Orlick, who is legally blind, filed a lawsuit following a May 5 incident on University Place in which he "misjudged where the sidewalk ended and the base of the station began because they’re both gray." He wants $500 to cover the cost of his medical bills, in addition to having the bases painted a different color, like black. (DNAinfo notes that "as of Tuesday, the station base was still colored gray.")

Lachonne Shelton, 50, is also suing after she tripped over the rack at Centre and Worth streets on April 24th—before the program even launched. Shelton, who injured her "knees, left elbow, back and neck" is suing for $1 million. Yes, that's $1 million. $1 million. But who can blame her—she did have to hobble home from Maimonides Hospital with a cane. How humiliating! But is it more humiliating than filing a $1 million lawsuit because of your own clumsiness?