In the first 200 days of the program's existence, Citi Bike users took more than 5.8 million trips for more than 11 million miles. Far from fairweather frauds, cravenly cowering in the warm embrace of the stultifying stink-tubes, Citi Bike users have proved themselves to be a hearty bunch: according to a DOT release, 19,000 Citi Bike trips were taken Wednesday, when the temperature was either at or below freezing.

The bike share program in London logged just 514,146 trips in November, an average of just 17,138 per day (and there were only two days with a temperature below freezing).

The DOT also surveyed more than 1,000 Citi Bike users and found that the service is often used in tandem with other means of transportation. 57% use it with the subway, 21% use it with a taxi, and 65% walk before or after use (duh).

46% of respondents said that Citi Bike has allowed them to go places they otherwise wouldn't without it.

The busiest states are at Penn Station, Grand Central, Astor Place, and Petrosino Square.

In August, around 113,000 cyclists made trips within the bike share area every day, 33,000 of them Citi Bike users. Citywide, including Citi Bike trips, there are roughly 342,000 trips made each day. Commuting trips represent around 17% of these journeys.