Through crummy corporate sponsorship and broken kiosks and Important Thinkers bitching about the color of the bicycles, Citi Bike ridership increased by 24 percent in 2015, and yesterday the system logged its 10,000,000th trip. The MTA can keep Gyllenhaal. We have Leo.

Seven days in 2015 saw more than 50,000 trips, according to a release from the Mayor's Office—two of them during the papal visit. In August, Citi Bike's parent company, Motivate Co, added 2,400 bikes and 138 new stations, making it much tougher to come up with excuses not to just plop your lazy ass on a bicycle and feel the blood stir in your veins.

Citi Bike's system boasts more riders than any other bike share network in the country. Citi Bike also beats out London's (which is larger) and Mexico City's (which is slightly smaller) for ridership. By 2017, Citi Bike aims to add 4,500 more bicycles (bringing the total to 12,000) and 240 more stations (making 700 total).

According to the release, the rider who took the 10 millionth trip at 1:08 p.m. yesterday received four free year-long memberships—one for him or herself and three for friends. The rider of the 9,999,999th trip received the ineluctable satisfaction of riding a bike in New York City.