It's gradually getting a little chillier thank to the relentless passage of time stealing the summer from us, but guess what? It's still great weather for riding your bike, because it's never actually not bike riding weather. As such, Citi Bike is working on getting people out there on bikes by offering free 24-hour passes during the month of September. And this time, you don't even need to be grateful to a yoghurt company!

Since women make up only 34 percent of bike share members across the country, Citi Bike is running their second Women Who Bike Month, and no matter your gender or whether you already ride a bike, YOU can benefit. Through September 30th, you can grab a free 24-hour pass from Citi Bike, just by going to this website on your mobile browser.

Remember to do it on your mobile browser if you want the pass—a desktop won't cut it. Of course, you might be reading this, and most of Gothamist, on your mobile device right now already. Why not sound off in the comments and tell us your preferred way of consuming blogs, for something that is 100 percent NOT shady market research?