Those of you who burn off the surface of your hands each time you ride the subway may want to consider doing the same after hopping off a Citi Bike—a recent report from Men's Health found those bikes' handlebars are the most germ-covered surfaces in the city, even more so than the hold bars on an E. Coli-plagued subway train.

Men's Health swabbed a bunch of germ-heavy surfaces around town, and found a Citi Bike handle was 45 times germ-ier than the hold bars on a 6 train—it was also more disgusting than the Starbucks door handle, LinkNYC kiosk, taxi handle, and Grand Central door knob, all of which, it turns out, were also germier than the subway hold bar.

Men’s Health editor-in-chief Matt Bean said the Citi Bike handles were "consistently among the most disgusting surfaces that we’ve tested in all of New York City," which one hygienic expert said was bad news bears for riders. "That means they’re not cleaning the bikes at all," Victor Castama, a spokesperson for rapid germ test company Hygiena, told the Post. "People are getting their material on it and putting their hands on it."

At the very least, they have to be cleaner than the food carts, right?